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Commercial Door Hardware is our Specialty
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Door Hardware Atlanta, GA

Having trouble with a commercial door? Is the door not opening or closing correctly? Perhaps you're looking to replace hardware on your door that is broken?

Door Hardware services in Atlanta by Armor Lock & Security, your trusted Atlanta Locksmith since 1965. At Armor we service everything on the door except for the glass. Door closers, pivots, locking hardware, exit devices, and so much more. Please contact us for any special requests or pricing inquiries.

Below is a list of some of the more popular door hardware products.

Door Closers - devices typically mounted at the top of a door that pull the door shut. In commercial buildings you will generally find these devices installed on most doors. There are many different styles, sizes, strengths, and colors associated with closers.

surface mount door closer concealed door closer floor door closer fire alarm door closer

Door Prop Alarms - devices used to alarm someone that a door has been left in the open position. Very useful devices to remind users to keep a door closed.

detex alarms secure school doors

Electric Strikes - devices used primarily in access control systems to allow entry into a door upon a successful card/keypad entry code. They are cut into the frame of the door and powered via low voltage.

Hes strikes electric strike

Exit Alarms - these devices are alarms that alert people to someone exiting a door. You see them used a lot in commercial restaurants.

exit alarm Detex EA500

Exit Devices - also known as Panic Bars. They are the devices that span a door and you press to exit and leave a commercial space. They are mandated by code in some applications based on tenant occupancy and use of a building.

exit device panic bar

Latch - is found on the side of the door and connected to a lock. They latch is what locks the lock into the frame of the door.

latch lock atlanta

Latch Guards - these devices are used to span the gap between the door and the frame. Their intent is to keep people from manipulating the latch to gain entry into a space.

latch guard deadbolt latchguard latch protector

Magnetic Locks - are used in access control systems as a form of locking the door. You will generally see them at the top of the door frame hanging down a few inches with an armature plate mounted to the door.

Magnetic Lock Installation Atlanta magnetic locks

Pivots - commercial door pivots are the devices upon which a commercial door opens and closes. The door rotates on them and they will eventually wear out and require replacement.

door pivot commercial door pivot

Push Plates / Pull Plates / Kick Plates - These are plates that are placed on a door for reinforcement or to help guard against heavy use deterioration. They can also be used when removing door hardware to cover existing holes that have been left.

push pull kick plate

Security Door Bars - door bars used after hours which make it more difficult for a burglar to gain entry by force.

back door bar security door bar exit security bar