Door Pivots Commercial
Keep your doors opening right
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Door Pivots Atlanta

Are your commercial doors not opening and closing correctly? Do the doors rub against each other or the frame? Do the doors rub on the threshold?

If so, there is a good chance your commercial door pivots (also referred to as door hinges) need to be replaced. Armor works on all door pivots & hinges, including Herculite Glass Doors. Common door pivot manufacturer's include: Kawneer Pivots, Vistawall Pivots, YKK Pivots, Aldora, Armalite, Jackson, & Pittco. Contact us with all your door pivot needs in metro Atlanta, we have been the trusted Atlanta Locksmith company since 1965.

Kawneer door pivotcommercial door pivot

Below are some examples of worn out and broken commercial door pivots. Make sure you regularly inspect your pivots because they will become worn over time and this may lead to a door falling.

bad commercial door pivot atlanta

broken door pivot atlanta

door pivot bad

It is important to realize that worn out door pivots can create an unsafe situation for your employees or visitors. Please make sure you address any door problems right away.