Door Closers
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Door Closers....Why are they important?

The importance of door closers in commercial buildings is often taken for granted, that is until you have one fail. A failing door closer presents both a security and personal safety issue to building owners and building managers.

When evaluating personal safety in regards to failing closers you must take into account the possibility of leaking oil, doors opening and closing too hard, and parts falling off the closer. Heavy commercial doors need to be watched especially close in regards to the personal safety of your employees and tenants.

Fall is the season in which we see the most door closer problems. Strong winds, changing outside temperatures, and changing inside air pressures (due to less air conditioning) all create an environment which stresses door closers. This stress will force good door closers out of alignment and will make bad door closers fail.

Armor Lock & Security recommends you check your exterior door closers every 2 weeks during the fall to make sure they are operating correctly. Make sure they open correctly and fully close and latch at a proper speed. It is also important to look for signs of oil, this indicates a failing closer which needs to be replaced immediately. The most common place to spot oil is where the door closer arm attaches to the body of the closer.

Protect your properties, employees, and clients by making sure your door closers are ready. Popular door closer brands we sell and service include Corbin Russwin, International, LCN, Norton, Sargent & Yale.


Various Style of Closers:


Surface Mount: The most common closer. The closer body bolts to either the door or the door frame.
surface mount door closer

Concealed Overhead: This closer mounts above the door, in the frame header. (You will see a plate in the top of the door frame.)
concealed door closer

Concealed Floor Mount: This closer mounts below the door, under the threshold.
floor mounted door closer

Sentronic: This closer holds the door open on fire-rated doors. It is wired to the fire alarm system. Should the alarm sound, an electric signal is sent to the closer which causes the closer to release the door and allow it to close.
door closer sentronic


Armor Lock & Security has been installing and servicing door closers in Atlanta since 1965. We can handle all your closer problems, from the easier surface mount units up to concealed closers on glass herculite doors. Give us a call and we're happy to help you fix all your door closer issues!