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Residential Installations
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Armor specializes in new high end IP camera installations for homes.

Homes can present special wiring needs if they were not pre-wired for camera systems. The abundance of hard walls and ceilings can make a seemingly easy installation very challenging. Wireless cameras are becoming more and more prevalent in homes but for a true high end system we do still recommend wired systems. It is very difficult to get the quality of image out of a wireless system unless you are running very high end equipment. The high end wireless systems still require power wire so if you have to already get power to the camera you may as well go ahead and install a wired system (the exeption to this is if you are running between multiple buildings on a property).

Advances in technology allow you to view security cameras from mobile devices such as phones, laptops and tablets (internet access needed at both your home and on your mobile device to make this happen). All security camera systems sold and istalled by Armor Lock & Security include this remote viewing capability. Armor recommends viewing your recorded images periodically to make sure your system is operating correctly and that nothing is of cause for concern.

Remote viewing can also give you and your alarm company monitoring station the ability to remotely verify alarm signals before sending the appropriate help.

Please contact us to discuss budget pricing or to discuss your particular needs.

Note: Our residential installations are limited to systems with over 4 cameras and we only install systems that are sold by us. This is done because we warrantly the systems that we sell and install.  Also, we generally only do residential installations during the construction and remodeling stages due to the necessity to run wires.