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Armor Lock & Security has been selling, installing and servicing security camera equipment in Atlanta for over 25 years. We use high quality commercial grade equipment on all of our installations. You will be amazed at the quality and affordability of the new IP cameras and NVR systems. All of our systems are networkable and feature apps to view images on your smart phones. When selecting a camera system there are many options to consider.

What type of camera system should you install?

IP Cameras

If you are installing a new camera system we always recommend you go with an IP Camera System.  IP systems have become the industry standard and offer High Definition viewing at a very affordable price.  They are also easily networkable and viewable on mobile devices.  Almost all new systems we install are IP Systems.

Hikvision IP Cameras Installed

HD over Coax Cameras

A new technology that began appearing in the security camera market in 2016 is called High Definition over Coax  This is something you should definitely consider if you have a building with existing coax wiring.  This technology is very useful in updating older analog systems to High Definition video without the expense of completely re-wiring your facility.  You can get high definition video using high definition DVR's and Cameras on older coax wiring infrastructure.  The camera style and selection are nearly identical to the selection you will find with IP cameras (see styles below).

Hikvision IP Cameras Installed

What style security cameras do you need?

Security CCTV cameras come in many different styles and what you use is in large part a personal preference. Below are several of the most popular style cameras you will see but they are by no means a complete list.  The two most popular you will run accross are bullet style cameras and dome style cameras.  These style are available in IP and Analog and they come in various focal ranges as well as different recording qualities.

Bullet Cameras

bullet camera Hikvision Bullet Camera bullet camera installation

Dome Cameras

Hikvision IP Dome Atlanta Dome Camera Dome Camera Installation

Pan / Tilt / Zoom Cameras

PTZ Camera Atlanta PTZ Camera Installation PTZ Camera Installation

Standard Surveillance Cameras

IP box camera

What do you need to record your images on? 

NVR & DVR (Network & Digital Video Recorders)

Hikvision Hybrid DVR DVR Hikvision DVR

What about wireless cameras? Can you install them?

Yes, we can install wireless cameras when needed. We always try to do hardwired systems if possible though because they are more reliable and there are generally less complications with them. If needed, we can install wirless cameras though and have done so succussfully on many occasions for applications where running wires is not an option.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras

commercial wireless camera




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