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Digital Keypads for Safes

Armor Lock & Security is a full-service Locksmith and Safe company servicing metro Atlanta, GA. We sell, open, repair, and change safe combinations. We have many safe makes and models available, please Contact Us with any questions. Our showroom has over 75 safes available for you to look at. Stop by anytime and we will be happy to help you find a safe that fits your home or office needs.

**In addition to the Lagard digital keypads listed below we also sell and service Sargent & Greenleaf (S&G).


LGBasic -The LGBASIC Angular entry is a sleek and handsome entry pad for use with LA GARD's Dual-Handed Swingbolt Lock.

LG Basic Keypad

LGBasic II - We have re-designed the popular LGBASIC Angular Entry for ease of installation. The LGBASIC II installs in the same slide-on fashion used by the SAFEGARD entry. The LGBASIC II is for use with LA GARD's Dual-Handed Swingbolt locks.

LG Basic II keypad

LGCombo - The LGCOMBO is the newest edition to LA GARD's direct drive entries. As a direct replacement for most mechanical locks, the LGCOMBO can be used with LA GARD's Deadbolt style locks. If used with the pin and spring accessory, the LGCOMBO entry can be used with LA GARD's Dual-Handed swingbolt locks. The LGCOMBO can also be paired with LA GARD's Springbolt Lock.

LG Combo Keypad

ComboGard - The first electronic lock to be offered by LA GARD, the COMBOGARD is a direct drive entry. If used with LA GARD's deadbolt style lock, it is a direct replacement for most mechanical locks. The pin and spring accessory will allow it to be used with LA GARD's Dual-Handed Swingbolt Lock. The COMBOGARD can also be paired with LA GARD's Springbolt Lock.

Combo Gard Digital Safe Dial

ComboGard Pro - Designed for new or replacement applications the LA GARD ComboGard Pro Electronic Safe Lock, featuring 39 E firmware, allows for lock programming at either the keypad or via the PC with ComboGard Pro Software.

combogard pro lagard keypad

SafeGard - LA GARD's SAFEGARD product can be used for just about any safe security solution. As the only keypad in our line that offers two 9V batteries with outside access, this is the perfect solution for a high use enviroment. The SAFEGARD can be used with our Dual-Handed Swingbolt and Redundant Mechanical Locks.

safegard lagard keypad

LGAudit - The LGAUDIT®, as its name implies, offers an audit trail feature as well as the ability to add a Manager and up to eight users. Additionally, it can be programmed for use with or without eKEY, time delay, time delay override and dual code. The LGAUDIT® is a direct drive keypad that can be used with the Deadbolt or Springbolt lock. If using the pin and spring accessory, it can also be used with the Dual-Handed Swingbolt Lock. Finally, if being used on a safe rated TL15 or higher, LA GARD recommends the use of the Redundant Mechanical Lock.

LG Audit Keypad

LPAudit - Designed after our popular LGAUDIT® product, the new LPAUDIT® offers all of the features of the LGAUDIT® with some new features added in. With this product you get a Control Code to add/delete/enable and disable the manager as well as retrieve the audit trail. Additionally with this re-designed keypad you have an outside battery compartment for a 9V Alkaline battery. Finally, the LPAUDIT® uses our new eKEYII with improved Dallas chip technology.

LP Audit Keypad

SmartLinc - SmartLinc has arrived! LA GARD's newest product offers such features as multiple lock control, multiple users, time delay, time lock, audit trail and eKEYII access. The SmartLinc can be used with the Dual-Handed Swingbolt, Deadbolt, Springbolt and Redundant Mechanical Locks.

LG Smartlink Keypad

Privat II - The PRIVAT II is designed as a completely spy-proof entry. It can accommodate left or right handed entry and contains an outside battery compartment. The PRIVAT II can be used with any of the locks in the LA GARD product line.

LG Privat II keypad

eDelay - LA GARD's eDELAY is a simple time delay unit. It may be used with or without key.

LG Edelay keypad

SmartPoint - A biometric safe lock option with the features you need, that's the SmartPoint from LA GARD. The SmartPoint, powered by Integrated Biometrics, has the ability to control multiple locks from a single keypad, increased audit trail and, most importantly, a biometric recognition that can be used by itself or with code for access. SmartPoint uses a Light Emitting Sensor (LES) to read the fingerprint image. The chemistry of your human finger combined with a small electrical field causes the reader material to fluoresce with a perfect fingerprint image. The sensor is also Teflon® coated making it durable and extremely difficult to contaminate. It has been tested at over five million touches without failure! Cutting edge technology, features and quality you can trust. That's a SMART system!

LG Smart Point

Navigator - The NAVIGATOR offers a whole new approach to ATM and KIOSK security. Cell and Web technologies combine to allow remote management and audit for all locks enrolled in the system. Users' static identification (user name, password and pin), simplifies code management while enforcing system security. One-Time Codes are issued automatically at the time of opening. The system is backed by 128-bit encryption and used with LA GARD's UL Listed, Type 1 High Security Electronic Locks.

LG Navigator

Kaba-Mas X-09 - The new X-09 High Security Lock is a third generation electromechanical lock. The X-09 was developed in conjunction with the US Government and meets FF-L-2740A, the US Government's highest security standard for container locks and doors. Approved by the GSA for use on approved Class 5 and Class 6 Filing Cabinets and Class 5 and Class 8 Security Vault Doors. The X-09 is self-powered using PowerStar™ technology. A twist of the dial provides all the power necessary to enter the combination, as well as review audit features. The X-09 provides all the benefits of high-security electronic locking while maintaining the reliability of a mechanical lock, independent of batteries or outside power sources. The X-09 offers three modes of operation, and it features Automatic Lock Reset, High-Security combination scramble, and resists all forms of external manipulation and environmental attack.

X-09 dial