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Automatic Door Operators | Handicap Door Operators

An automatic or handicap door operator is a device installed on a door that will open and close the door. Office buildings, schools, and many other public buildings wishing to become more accessible to the public will install these operators. Handicap door operators are manufactured in a variety of ways, there is one for virtually any door you may have on your property. Handicap door operators are most often set to work either by a button on the wall or motion detector installed above the door.

Often times these operators go unnoticed, but when they are needed they are certainly appreciated. Elderly, disabled and handicapped people often struggle with everyday tasks that most of us do not give a second thought to. Opening a door, especially a heavy door in a commercial building, can be one of those tasks.

These operators can be installed in both homes and businesses. Armor Lock & Security has experience in doing both. We are one of the most experienced installers of handicap door operators in Atlanta. We have installed these devices in Federal, State and Local buildings, Office Buildings, Universities, other public buildings and homes. All of the operators we install comply with U.S. access laws, including ANSI A117.1 and A156.19.

It is important to note handicap door operators can be tied into doors which feature existing access control systems.

If Armor Lock & Security can help make your building more accessible, please contact us for a free estimate.

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