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American Padlocks & Hasps

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American padlocks stocked and sold by Armor Lock & Security in Atlanta, GA. As a locksmith service company, we can key the padlocks alike or different based on your needs. At our Lawrenceville, GA office we have one of the best selections of American Padlocks to be found in the SouthEast.

With most of the padlocks we sell you are able to adjust the shackle length to fit the specific need you have. We can also master key the padlocks or key the padlock like your office key. Padlocks are a great way to economically secure your property.

A few of the more high security padlocks are:

Hidden Shackle Padlocks

Shrouded Padlocks

american padlockatlanta padlocksPadlock with hidden shacklepadlock with chain

We service all of metro Atlanta, call us with any padlock questions.