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Business security camera systems in Atlanta, GA is what Armor Lock & Security specializes in installing for clients. We have been installing commercial IP camera systems for many years and in many different and challenging applications. Whether you are looking for a completely new system or you are looking to expand an already installed system we can help. We can even give you IP camera High Definition performance over existing coax lines if you are looking to upgrade an old analog CCTV system.

Commercial security camera systems help monitor your business. Not only do they help protect your property, they also help protect your employees and also protect you from others looking to make false claims about your business.

We recommend you watch your stored images once a week. The use of motion recording allows you to easily spot off hour activities that may be a signal of problem. We also recommend rewarding good employee behavior you see on tape. This helps by letting your employees know you see the work they are doing and it also serves to reinforce positive behavior. It may also allow you to see behavior and processes needing improvement.

Make your cameras presence known via signage and very visible cameras. Known cameras offer a visual deterrent to thieves and others looking to take advantage of your business.

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