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JX187 and Other Codes Available
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JX 187 Commercial Lokbox

The JX187 Lokbox is used throughout Atlanta by commercial real estate professionals. JX187 is an over the door style Lokbox which uses a tubular key to open and close. Inside the box you have room for several keys. This allows easy access to show spaces for rent, saving time and money by allowing real estate professionals to spend time selling instead of tracking down keys.

Armor Lock & Security is the Georgia distributor of the JX187 Lokbox product. We have been selling the Lokbox product here in Georgia for over 20 years. The Lokboxes are available for purchase by anyone. In order to obtain a key for the JX187 product you must provide us with a copy of your Georgia Real Estate License. We do this to limit key distribution to real estate professionals only. It is important to note that we recommend the use of this product only on vacant spaces due to the number of keys in use. We do our best to limit key distribution to real estate professionals but we have no control over the keys once they leave our office.

*Note that keys and boxes are sold seperately.*

*We also have a general use over the door lockbox that is not restricted to only real estate professionals.*

Over the door lockbox commercial lock box