Dome Cameras
Fixed, Varifocal & PTZ
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Dome Security Cameras Atlanta

Dome cameras are low profile security camera systems that hold a single position and are often used for indoor installations. Domes typically use clear glass but when outside they can use a smoked/tinted dome, helping it block out some of the sun. Tinted domes also make it more difficult for people to tell which way the dome is facing..

Dome security camera systems are very versatile, with vandal-proof, weatherproof, day/night, and various combinations readily available. Day/night capability means the security camera systems are color by day and black and white at night. Add in infrared LEDs and your Dome Cameras can see in complete darkness.

Dome cameras can be mounted almost anywhere using a variety of mounts, such as pendant and recessed mounts. A pendant mount allows the camera to hang from the mount arm as a pendant does on a necklace. A recessed mount hides the entire camera except for the dome. Cameras using these mounts usually are mounted in drop or tile ceilings.

hikvision ip dome camera

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