Locksmith Licensing
Per State 2019
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Locksmith Licensing by State 2019

Locksmith Licensing Per State

A hot topic for the locksmith industry is regulation. Here in Georgia we've had a few attempts at regulation over the years but nothing has gained enough traction or attention to do anything unfortunately. It is rare that an industry actually asks to be regulated but that is the general consensus of Atlanta Locksmith professionals here in Georgia. Our industry has been plagued by deceptive, unlawful and unscrupulous individuals for far too long.

Bad locksmiths, whether they are local companies performing bad work or the out of state call centers that have sprung up over the past several years are hurting our industry and the publics trust of locksmiths. For far too long their actions have defined an entire industry and it is time to stop this.

Even more important than the actual regulation will be its enforcement. Without actual monetary penalties or criminal charges the legislation will have been wasted. Severe penalties are needed in order to clean up the locksmith industry here in Georgia. Please contact your House Representative and ask them to support the Locksmith Regulation cause. Contact Armor Lock & Security if you have any questions regarding the locksmith industry or if you would like to discuss this topic in more depth.

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